VRBO Cleaning

One of the most important, yet toughest part of the Vacation Rental Operation is Cleaning. Having a dependable, consistent, and detailed clean/cleaner is important for any successful business especially that of a home away from home. During these times with the global pandemic, it is now, more than ever important that we strive for excellence and cleanliness. Sanitizing and making a home safe for guests.

That Guy Who Cleans has had years of experience cleaning vacation rentals. I use to belong in an area where vacation rentals were considered more of a seasonal task back home in the small state of Delaware. Now, living in a year around destination spot, I am excited to expand on my expertise and attention to detail. Making each home clean and ready for the next person like it was me.

Guaranteed Service
That Guy Who Cleans, guarantees that your property will be cleaned between your check-out and check-in times. This allows your transition from one guest to the next an easy one.

Every clean is important, so we take the time to ensure no detail is missed. Your guest doesn’t want to come into a home or condo not knowing where everything is. We will make sure everything from parking passes to remotes and handbooks easily displayed along with WiFi information and local menus from the areas.

Just let us come visit and have a chat. No cost estimates and good conversation is always a good thing. Whether we work together or not.



  • Clean and Sanitizing of property
  • Making of beds
  • Staging (Towel Placement, Soap dispensers, Placement of Accessories)


  • Clean and Sanitizing of property
  • Making of Beds
  • Staging (Towel Placement, Soap Dispensers, Placement of Accessories)
  • Linen washing and/or Replacement (Linen Rental **Extra)
  • Restocking of consumables. (Will need to have designated space. Can install locks if needed **Additional fees may apply)
  • Providing staging accessories to make the home more impressionable if needed.